Celnutra DM 1.5

Prevalence has been rising more rapidly in low- and middle-income countries than in high-income countries. As per WHO, Diabetes is a major cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke and lower limb amputation. Between 2000 and 2019, there was a 3% increase in diabetes mortality rates by age. In 2019, diabetes and kidney disease due to diabetes caused an estimated 2 million death.

Celnutra DM 1.5 is designed for people with diabetes.

Celnutra DM 1.5 is a calorically dense formula that allows sustained release of energy for comprehensive diabetes management especially in critical care scenario. It has low glycemic carbohydrates and is high in dietary fiber as per the latest recommendations on Dietary Fiber by ICMR-NIN 2020. This combination of carbohydrates and dietary fiber has been clinically shown to help minimize blood glucose response compared to a standard formula.

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