Joylite Cookies

In order to buck up with this fast moving life, many new dietary trends have dawned into the market. In an effort to satisfy our appetite in this rapidly changing and progressing world, food choices and patterns have been modified drastically. The fast- track life demands hours and hours of continuous work, and may be unfair towards granting time for important activities from a fitness point, namely sleep, physical activity, and ‘EATING’. In response to the body's hunger stimuli and busy schedules, we have found out a way of keeping a balance between the two, by snacking more rather than eating a good well nourished meal. In this fast - paced life, the meals are poorly planned, increased consumption of outside foods, not to mention the heavy consumption of processed foods and sugary pleasures, mindless eating and “ Eating on the Run”. Today, it's more about satisfying the taste buds rather than satisfying the nutritive requirement.

To create a healthy balance between all these emerging demands of today’s life, Nucgnex has come up with a nutritious and better snacking option --- Joylite.

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