Celnutra 1.0

Nutrition is a daily need for everyone. A balanced nutrition ensures a healthy life with a good immune response. Unfortunately for most people, achieving this balance is a challenge and more often than not, at least one essential nutrient is deficient in the diet. With increasing changes in lifestyle and dietary patterns, it has been seen that most people are not able to reach their nutrient targets and hence suffer from lower energy levels, increased stress, poorer immunity, slower recovery from illness, reduced muscle mass, weaker bones, slower and weaker digestive function and an overall need for supplemental nutrition. Celnutra 1.0 is an Iso-caloric, Iso-osmolar, peptide based, balanced nutrition and a complete nutritional formula for adults. Celnutra 1.0 is free from simple sugars and added sugars and is fit for consumption in diabetes as well.

Celnutra 1.0 is specially designed for better bioavailability and absorption of nutrients by the body thus giving quick results. Celnutra 1.0 has high dissolubility and can be mixed in various food items. It can be used in clinical conditions as well as a regular, daily supplemental nutrition support for everyone