Celnutra RDM

The Indian population that had faced under nutrition for a long time is now exposed to over nutrition and sedentary lifestyles. Coupled with a bad nutritional history and the fact that Indians are genetically more vulnerable to diabetes compared to other population groups, India’s struggle with diabetes is expected to be one of the biggest epidemics the country has ever witnessed. Type 2 diabetes remission is having the condition revert to a nondiabetic range as assessed with blood glucose levels or blood glucose markers and staying in that range for at least 6 months when a person isn’t taking any diabetes medications.

Studies have confirmed that marked energy restriction and weight loss can favorably alter key aspects of the pathophysiology of T2DM, resulting in normoglycemia. Hence, it’s important for both health care professionals and people who have type 2 diabetes to realize that Diabetes can be treated and its consequences avoided or delayed with significant weight loss, dietary modifications, physical activity, medication and regular screening and treatment for complications.

Celnutra RDM is a sustained energy formulation which can help to achieve remission in Diabetes. The unique blend in composition of protein, carbohydrate and fiber as per chrono nutrition helps to regulate blood glucose level and promotes significant weight loss.

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