Proteins are an integral part of the diet and an essential component for a healthy living(1). The average recommendation for 1gm/kg body weight of protein daily is often difficult to achieve consistently. This leads to loss of muscle mass, poor immunity, loss of skin and hair integrity, insulin resistance, delayed wound healing and milieu of other health problems(2,3). More often than not, regular consumption of good quality proteins is not adequate and second class proteins are consumed.

It is of utmost importance that the diet comprises High biological value protein which is easily digested and absorbed. Team Nucgnex has introduced a unique health supplement called Fitlivon, based on the science of Cell Nutrition.

Fitlivon- protein powder is an unflavoured , sugar free, flavor free , color free whey concentrate protein health supplement specifically aiming for fit health. Contains 100% high quality whey protein, with all essential & non-essential amino acids, a PDCAAS score of 1 & High Biological Protein value. Fitlivon can easily be blended with a wide variety of foods & beverages as part of the main meal or as a snack, like water, milk, curd, juices, atta, dal, cereals, soups, hot cocoa, tea, cottage cheese, applesauce, egg salad or yogurt.

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